Should I attend Counselling near me in Blanchardstown or online?

Should I attend Counselling near me in Blanchardstown or online?

Have you ever wondered how Ireland ranks in terms of the general population’s mental health? According to the Health at a Glance Report, Ireland has one of the highest rates of mental illness in Europe (out of 36 countries), with 18.5% of the population being diagnosed with a mental illness such anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, or alcohol/drug use in 2016. This demonstrates that the top aim of mental health efforts should be to provide easy and affordable access to counselling services in the local community. Fortunately, Dublin 15 offers its residents a wide selection of counselling services for people of all ages and for a variety of specific mental health issues.

Advantages of In-Person Counselling

The main difference between online therapy and in-person therapy is the mode of communication. The location of in-person sessions is the counselling room, where you can interact with your therapist in person. Attending counselling locally in person has many benefits:

First, sessions held in a counselling centre can offer a space separate from your regular life in a neutral setting. You may feel more at ease disclosing sensitive material in a setting that feels more neutral. Remote clients on the other hand are less receptive with privacy concerns frequently in play: The client can be reluctant to speak up because they fear their partner, child, or co-worker is in another room and might overhear or enter without permission.

Second, non-verbal communication is important and is much better facilitated face-to-face, whereas details like body language can get missed over a screen. Therapists can read nonverbal clues and the exchange of energy when in physical proximity to one another. This strongly assists verbal communication during in-person sessions. As a result, a counsellor can better grasp your requirements and needs by observing your nonverbal cues.

Third, the likelihood that in-person counselling is required increases with the severity of the mental health disorder. some mental health conditions call for intensive support in-person. People with severe mental diseases and those who have strong symptoms of anxiety and depression may need more treatment than they can get with online-only therapy.

Finally, some therapies don’t adapt themselves to internet counselling particularly well. For example, when used in person, play therapy, music therapy, and art therapy can be very helpful.

Advantages of Online Counselling

Online counselling sessions have certain special benefits as well. Individuals who are housebound or disabled can obtain therapy online. Furthermore, you can arrange your surroundings to make your session as comfortable as you can because you are in charge of it. Last, but not least, online counselling services and programs are widely available, which will aid in normalizing mental health problems and hardships.

Should I receive counselling in-person or remotely?

Whether you prefer to attend counselling in person or online is a personal decision and entirely up to you. If you want to avail of counselling near you in Dublin 15, feel free to visit our website at and book a counselling appointment online. Centrally located in Blanchardstown Village, Blanchardstown Counselling Services provides a range of counselling services for both adult individuals and couples.