Online Counselling

Blanchardstown Counselling Services offers online counselling for individuals that cannot attend in person or prefer meeting online for any other reason. Since the pandemic in 2020, this has proven to be a helpful addition to our services.

Online Counselling is any form of counselling and psychotherapy that is conducted over the Internet. For clients who are unable or do not desire to attend in person, it offers them an alternative option. Because it is convenient and easily accessible, getting professional support online can be a great alternative.

You may wonder if online counselling can substitute traditional in-person counselling. After all, meeting virtually has distinct differences over meeting in person. We do believe online counselling may have similar advantages, but it is not always able to replace conventional face-to-face therapy.

How many online sessions will it take?

This depends on you as an individual. Counselling has been found to be most helpful for approximately 10-12 sessions, but you decide according to what you feel is most helpful.

How much does an online counselling session cost?

The initial and following sessions are EUR 60/hour. Due to the nature of online services, payment is required prior to the session via Card or Revolut.

How can I book my online counselling appointment?

Online therapy sessions can only be booked online. When your reservation is confirmed, you will be sent a Zoom link and payment instructions.

See how counselling can help you achieve your relationship goals

During your initial appointment, you will have the chance to discuss the problems you want to address. We can then decide on the best course of action. There is no obligation to continue after that.

Why not schedule an initial consultation to see how counselling can help you achieve your relationship goals?