Couples Counselling

Blanchardstown Counselling Services provides you with tools and skills necessary for resolving your relationship conflicts. Couples counselling includes any form of relationship counselling, for example marriage counselling, premarital counselling, and counselling for partners who are living together or dating.

We can help you with the following relationship and couples challenges:

  • Jealousy and Trust
  • Commitment Issues
  • Couples Conflict Resolution
  • Pre-marital Preparation
  • Infidelity and Affairs
  • Couples Separation
  • Co-Parenting
  • Couples Communication
Couples Counselling

“Things are not as they used to be!”

If you’re in a relationship, things might not feel as comfortable as they once did! Do you occasionally feel alone and cut off from your partner? Do you two still communicate? Do you each have varying expectations of one another? Do you often argue? Do you two tend to distance yourselves frequently? Perhaps you frequently accuse and criticize your partner?

Any relationship can deteriorate over time for a variety of reasons, including personality differences, conflicting life goals, divergent expectations for the relationship, doubt about commitment, and inadequate communication. Last but not least, challenging times in life and unanticipated events can bring a lot of stress to relationships. Every partnership eventually has a difficult time. In actuality, most partnerships eventually experience this, which is both unavoidable and expected!

In our material world, love can be contaminated and distorted and associated with control, dependency, possession, lust, rejection, jealousy, hurt, abandonment and abuse. This has been the past experience of ‘love’ for many… Thus, to provide a different model of love is, in itself, therapeutic and healing.

― Sue Hawkins, Relational Depth: New Perspectives and Developments

We believe couples counselling can help

We specialize in the Imago Couples Counselling, which has decades of evidence showing that it is effective in helping couples to emotionally reconnect. Imago helps couples to transform their conflicts into opportunities for healing and growth.

How many sessions will it take?

This depends on the couple and what the relationship requires. Therapists trained in Imago therapy will offer a standard of 10-12 couples counselling sessions.

How much does a couples counselling session cost?

The initial and subsequent sessions are EUR 75/hr.

How does it work?

You will have an initial consultation where you get an opportunity to tell us what issues you want to work on. We can then decide on the best course of action. There is no obligation to continue thereafter.
Why not book an initial appointment and see how couples counselling can help achieve your relationship goals?