How can I book my counselling appointment?

You can easily schedule your first counselling appointment online right below. Simply pick a time and day, provide us with your contact information. We will send an automated confirmation right away.

Where do counselling appointments take place?

All counselling and psychotherapy appointments take place at Blanchardstown Therapy Centre, 3 The Rise, Main St, Blanchardstown Village.

What happens during the first appointment?

Your first counselling appointment is an introductory meeting, lasting about 60 minutes. This is your opportunity to meet your counsellor and decide if you can work together. You can begin to share and explore current difficulties and concerns. We will also conduct a brief psychological assessment.

If you like to continue after your first counselling appointment, we encourage you to meet for 1hr each week. Appointments can also be made on a flexible basis.

What fees can I expect?

  • Individual Counselling: €60 per hour
  • Couples Counselling: €75 per hour