Blanchardstown Counselling Services offers a full range of supportive counselling (including CBT) and psychotherapeutic services to adult individuals and couples in need

Counselling is a great opportunity to talk confidentially with someone who can help you gain new insights and learn skills and new ways of looking at situations.

How counselling can help you

  • Counselling helps you deal with a situation beyond your personal control
  • Counselling can help with all types of relationship challenges
  • Counselling can facilitate improved emotional expression and management of emotions
  • Counselling provides you with an opportunity for self-exploration and self-discovery
  • Counselling will provide guidance in finding purpose.
  • Counselling may assist you in rediscovering your life’s passion, purpose, and meaning through discussion of your values, beliefs, work, and relationships.

Different counselling methods that consider your needs

Blanchardstown Counselling Services encourages a holistic and integrative approach to counselling and psychotherapy, covering several therapeutic modalities, including CBT, person-centred, family therapy, existential and psychodynamic approaches. This enables the counsellor to support you with a variety of life’s challenges, and adapt to your personal style and preference.

One on One Counselling

We value and respect every person, taking into consideration their individual history, cultural values and community context.

Online Counselling

You may wonder if online counselling can substitute traditional in-person counselling. After all, meeting virtually has distinct differences over meeting in person.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling includes any form of relationship counselling, for example marriage counselling, premarital counselling, and counselling for partners who are living together or dating.


Some advice and articles below relating to our services.

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Happy Clients

Some of our happy clients below.

Very helpful and they're also happy to work around you. Would recommend this service to anyone
David K.
David K.
Excellent counselling and psychotherapy services. Would highly recommend.
bridget B.
bridget B.